Stagehand Shift Tracker

A Better Way to Track Crew Hours

Keeping track of crew hours and shifts is difficult. It involves a lot of paperwork and time. This app makes all that easier with digital sign outs, automatic confirmations and weekly report summaries. Designed for iPhones, it can also be used on iPads or desktops. It removes the need for duplicate entries and greatly reduces errors.

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Scanner App

A simple barcode scanner to track inventory

Theaters check out a lot of gear: keys, walkie-talkies, all sorts of tools and equipment. Usually it comes back, but sometimes it doesn’t. When that happens, it can be difficult and time consuming to remember who it was checked out to and contact them.

This app simplifies that process. It scans a barcode or QR code on whatever you want to check out, tracks who it was given to and when. You can even reach out to them via phone, email or text from the app.

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If these solutions spark an interest in you, please get in touch and we’ll see if there’s something we can build that will help you work more efficiently.

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