Crew Hours

An app that tracks crew hours, calculates overtime and generates reports. A clean layout makes it easy to follow, and dark mode design won’t light up backstage. Its reporting features and built in email dramatically reduces the need for paper forms.


Many theaters don’t have a good way of tracking crew hours and shifts. Too many still use paper sign-out sheets and the crew takes a picture for their record. Some even have multiple paper forms; separate forms for the crew’s weekly hours and the event hours. This involves a lot of manual entry, duplicate entry, paper records, and honestly, too much math late at night after a long day.

Events can be searched by date or name. And a single button will take you to today’s event (or the next upcoming event).

It tracks shifts that go past midnight for those overnight calls. It also takes into account several common problems — crew changing job titles during a day, working more than 3 shifts in a day, and working multiple projects on a day.

This app tracks hours (calculating for overtime and meal penalties), and allows crew to sign out digitally — eliminating the need for paper. It reports weekly hours for the crew to payroll, eliminating tedious paperwork with a button click, and also sends daily confirmations and weekly summaries to the individual crew members.

When their shift is over, crew can sign out digitally with FileMaker’s signature capture. After they sign, an email is sent to them confirming their hours. If there’s an adjustment later on, those are also confirmed.


Contacts can be sorted by first or last name. Or by using FileMaker’s robust search capability

There’s also a log to easily find what events they’ve worked in the past and what they have coming up.

Only essential information is needed, to keep the windows clean and easy to read. If needed, this can be set up so that sensitive personal information like phone numbers or email address can only be viewed by appropriate personnel.

Designed for iPhones, it has also been expanded for use on iPads. Other versions of this have been implemented via FileMaker Server and FileMaker Cloud to be used over a network, further streamlining the process.

If you feel something like this would be valuable, let us know and we can find a way to get you doing less paperwork and more work that matters.

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