A simple barcode scanner to check out and track inventory

Tracking items has never been easier than it is with this scanning app. You can issue any item in seconds and have a record of who it went to and when. Quick and powerful, it’s also easy to use and offers a surprising amount of flexibility.

Check Out

Once you scan the code, the app determines if the item has been checked out or not and takes you where you need to go. Simple and Easy.

From there, checking out is as simple as choosing a contact.

Contacts can be sorted by first or last name, whichever is your preference

At the same time, it’s easy to add new inventory items, new people, to keep things going when it gets busy.

Check In

No one wants to fuss at the end of a call, so checking in is even simpler: scan and Done!

It’s easy to make a note if there’s a problem when the item is returned. An email is sent out so that information gets to the right person, right away.


You can choose to view contacts who are active or see who has items checked out to them.

People can be contacted directly through the app, via email, text or phone.

There’s also a list of what they currently have checked out as well as a record of everything they’ve checked out and in.

You can choose to view all contacts, only active ones, or ones who have items checked out.


It’s easy to keep track of who has checked out items…

You can easily see all the items in your inventory, only the ones in service, or see what’s checked in and out.

…And problems reported when checked in.

Give it a try!

If you’re interested, you can give the beta version a try. First of all, you’ll need FileMaker Go (free!) on your iPhone or iPod Touch (available from the AppStore).

Then you can download the latest version of this app, either to a computer and transfer to your phone, or download it directly.

Then you’ll need barcodes. This app doesn’t create barcodes, it only reads them. You can buy pre-printed barcode labels here, here, or here. Or you can use labels and print your own. This app will read most commonly used barcode styles, as well as QR codes.

If this seems like the type of thing that would be useful, please feel free to get in touch and see if this or other solutions can help you work better

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